Wildstorm: Michael Cray : Volume 2 - Review

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Wildstorm: Michael Cray : Volume 2 - Review

Tue, 09/17/2019 - 13:13
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A World in the Balance

Creative Team
Bryan Hill
Nelson Blake II
N. Steven Harris
Ross Campbell
Simon Bowland
Dexter Vines
Andy Owens
Marie Javins
DC Comics
Trade Paperback
Release Date

If you liked the first trade, then you are in luck. Good news: the second volume continues the adventures of Michael Cray going up against members of the Justice League. The caveat, in this alternate multiverse that The Wildstorm occupies, is there is no Justice League. We have instead their equivalents that exist in this multiverse.

This trade differs from the first one with a bigger focus on magical elements repurposed from the DC Universe: John Constantine and Wonder Woman. Consequently, when dealing with something more fantastical, approaches to the work has to change. The first trade felt more in line with the real world. Here, the editorial team changes out of who is handling the coloring duties. Ross Campbell stays fairly true to the color palette tone set in the first volume, but embellishes everywhere that requires it. This gives the book a slightly different and welcoming feel without it completely being distracted or detached from the original atmosphere.



Bad news: this is the last volume of Michael Cray. I found myself enthusiastically enjoying what Hill was doing with this character. While taking out members of the Justice League is not something that is sustainable ( eventually, he would run out of League members ), the real conflict was starting to come to a head between Cray and the organization for which he works. I would have really liked to see where this story would have gone. That said, the way this trade ends, it wraps up well and it isn’t plagued by a massive cliffhanger.


Wildstorm: Michael Cray : Volume 2

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