The Wicked + The Divine, Vol. 8 : Old is the New New - Review

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The Wicked + The Divine, Vol. 8 : Old is the New New - Review

Fri, 10/25/2019 - 08:15
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Now, for something a little different before the push to the final volume. 

Creative Team
Kieron Gillen
Jamie McKelvie
Matt Wilson
Clayton Cowles
Chrissy Williams
Trade Paperback
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This particular volume is a collection of one shots that was put out over time, as explained in the foreword. While the title is coming to a close, with one final volume to be released, this acts as a nice palate cleanser before finishing out the story. In some ways, this volume might act as an introduction to WicDiv that could be given to someone to tempt them into reading the series. All of these stories stand on their own and there really is no need to have much foreknowledge going in.

There are two big standout aspects in this volume. 1) Lucifer is the focus of many of the one shot stories. This is welcome news to anyone who is a Lucifer fan in desire of more stories featuring her. We learn so much more about her throughout this volume that genuinely surprises the reader. I would say that some of WicDiv'ss best issues are in this volume. What really jumps out to me from all of these stories is that it seems to telegraph that Lucifer will feature prominently in the final volume. Hopefully, my suspicions are correct. 2) Every issue is presented in a completely different art style. For a book that is renown for its sumptuous art, there are issues here that elevate above the book’s house style. One issue that will take some by surprise is one that is mainly prose work intermingled with some pages of artwork. The WicDiv team knows how to craft deeper engagement with their readership through experiments like this.



One major complaint that I have for this volume is that it does not make it clear which artist worked on which issue. For some of the issues, the credits are a part of the artwork, to make it evident. The inconsistency of credits and lack of a full breadth of credits in this volume makes it a bit frustrating for anyone who might get interested in someone’s work and want to learn more about them, only to find nothing. Maybe in future printings of this volume that can change. In the meantime, I am ready to see how this story ends in the final volume and look forward to it coming out soon.


The Wicked + The Divine Volume 8: Old is the New New

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