Spider-Man : Life Story - The ‘60s #1 - Review

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Spider-Man : Life Story - The ‘60s #1 - Review

Thu, 04/04/2019 - 13:09
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The War at Home

Creative Team
Chip Zdarksy
Mark Bagley
Frank D’Armata
VC’s Travis Lanham
John Dell
Tom Brevoort
Single Issue
Release Date

Spider-Man: Life Story is a limited series that will take a look at Spider-Man throughout the decades the character has been around, planting Spider-Man stories square into the big topics of each time. This first chapter takes place in the thick of the 1960s and the Vietnam War. Spider-Man is confronted on what it means to be a hero: does it mean that he has to serve abroad in the war? Unsure of what he should do, Spider-Man listens to his peers, Flash Thompson and Captain America, on the right course of action.

Chip Zdarksy sets up an interesting premise with this title and it yet remains to be seen how each subsequent chapter will play out. Will each decade play real time in extending the narrative of Spider-Man? Will we get to a Spidey who is 60 or 70 years old by the time we reach 2019? Will each chapter be self-contained stories that just takes place within those decades, tackling the tough issues of the time?



Regardless of how it plays out, the book will be worth reading for Mark Bagley drawing Spider-Man again alone. After his legendary run drawing Ultimate Spider-Man, it is quite a treat whenever we get to see Bagley draw an adult Spidey. This is a project worth checking out if you are up for something a bit out of the ordinary and if you’re a Spidey fan.

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