Second Coming #1 - Review

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Second Coming #1 - Review

Mon, 08/26/2019 - 09:03
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Blasphemy is hilarious 

Creative Team
Mark Russell
Richard Stark
Leonard Kirk
Andy Troy
Rob Steen
Tom Peyer
Ahoy Comics
Single Issue
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What if God, Jesus, and Superman were real? What if God is just the angry Old Testament dude, Jesus is the nice, caring New Testament dude, and what if God really is disappointed in his son for being too wishy-washy and nice? That’s the basic premise for Second Coming. After Jesus died, God was so upset with him that he prevents him from going back to Earth when he was supposed to. In the meantime, thousands of years later, Sunstar [ stand in for Superman, since Superman cannot explicitly be used ] arrives on the scene. God sees how people are admiring and worshipping Sunstar. He sees someone who could be a good role model for his son, and sends Jesus back to partner with Sunstar to learn from him. Cue hilarity.

Thank the old gods and the new that this title was rescued from the purge that happened at DC Comics. Mark Russell’s writing is hilarious and sharp. I can understand the hesitation that DC had to publish this following the “Bat-Wang” incident. It’s a bit disappointing that DC just didn’t move the title under its Black Label imprint now that Vertigo [ RIP ] is being shuttered. I am grateful that Ahoy Comics picked up this hilarity-filled title that looks like it will have the legs to go the distance.



In the area of art, there are some interesting styles being used depending on the era of history that is being referenced. Ancient times have more a Renaissance-pencilled feel, while the art taking place in the modern day evokes modern superheroic sensibilities. The reason to read the book is the whip-smart dialogue, the comedy that arises from Jesus doing what Jesus should/is expected to do, and seeing how others react “negatively” to those actions. I am on board for this title and cannot wait to see where Russell takes it.

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