Green Lanterns, Vol. 8: Ghosts of the Past- Review

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Green Lanterns, Vol. 8: Ghosts of the Past- Review

Wed, 03/25/2020 - 21:48
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Covers issues #44-49

Creative Team
Tim Seeley
Aaron Gillespie
Ronan Cliquet
V Ken Marion
Roge Antonio
Sandu Florea
Dinei Ribeiro
Dave Sharpe
Brian Cunningham
DC Comics
Trade Paperback
Release Date

Tim Seely’s run on the title has been fairly even. Dealing with two main protagonists can lead to balance problems in making sure each character is properly served. While the prior volume was more focused on Green Lantern Simon Baz, this volume puts Green Lantern Jessica Cruz front and center.

A lot has been made of Jessica’s trauma from seeing her friends murdered while on a hunting trip. This volume deals with that event in a big way. We learn so much more about who was involved, what happened and why, and get insight into Jessica’s life pre-trauma. Moreover, the journey she goes on allows her character to start to move forward and evolve after this volume.



If I had one thing to nitpick with this volume, it’s a recurring theme from prior Green Lanterns volumes: inconsistent art teams. Green Lanterns is not one of DC’s twice-monthly shipping books. Consequently, it should be easier to have the same art team throughout an arc. It’s understandable to have fill-in artists on the odd issue(s) if not currently involved in an arc. While the art chores are handled primarily between Ronan Cliquet and V Ken Marion, I think it would help this title much more to have just one person completing the pencil work in order to make the reading experience more coherent. That said, it’s not something that would prevent me from reading the book; it is simply a distraction that pulls me out of the reading experience.


Green Lanterns, Vol. 8: Ghosts of the Past

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