Green Lanterns, Vol. 6: A World of Our Own - Review

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Green Lanterns, Vol. 6: A World of Our Own - Review

Mon, 02/17/2020 - 12:00
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Covers events in issues #33-39

Creative Team
Tim Seeley
Ronan Cliquet
Carlo Barberi
Eduardo Pansica
German Peralta
Ulises Arreola
Alex Sollazzo
Dave Sharpe
Ronan Cliquet
Matt Santorelli
Julio Ferreira
German Peralta
Mike Cotton
DC Comics
Trade Paperback
Release Date

Tim Seeley comes aboard as the new writer of Green Lanterns, taking over from Sam Humphries. Humphries launched the title and created a great foundation to build on. Seeley doesn’t waste any time and accomplishes quite a bit in this first trade. First and foremost, the relationship between Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz doesn’t skip a beat. It feels like Seeley has a good handle on how these two characters work individually and he understands the dynamic between them. This allows a wide range of subject matter to be covered in this trade.

Within a tight seven issues, Lanterns Baz and Cruz run the gamut of saving a species from extinction and relocating them to Ungara, the home planet of legendary lantern Abin-Sur, to dealing with xenophobic reactions of a militant group known as the Red Tide that wants to exterminate the refugees on their world as well as expel any and all alien interference. Certainly, a book that has relevance to our current political climate, there are some lessons to be learned for those who are willing to listen. During this ordeal, there are a couple of good twists that Seeley has written in that I didn’t see coming, as well as expanding on the unique ability of Lantern Baz with Emerald Light.



This volume had a few artists working on it. As had been my concern with prior Green Lanterns trades, I would prefer to see fewer artists on a run. I liked everyone’s work in each issue, I just feel that having one, maybe two artists working on a story arc pulls work together better and creates a more cohesive feel to the work as a whole. I was particularly enthralled by Eduardo Pansica’s pencils on the first issue. He brought a sense of rough realness to the out-of-this-world storytelling that is inherent to a Green Lantern book and made it more palpable to the senses. Overall, a good first outing from Seeley and company. I look forward to what is set up for the next run.


Green Lanterns, Vol. 6: A World of Our Own

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