Green Lanterns, Vol. 5: Out of Time - Review

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Green Lanterns, Vol. 5: Out of Time - Review

Fri, 01/31/2020 - 10:51
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Covers the events of issues #27-32

Creative Team
Sam Humphries
Carlo Barberi
Ronan Cliquet
Julio Ferreira
Scott Godlewski
Eduardo Pansica
Matt Santorelli
Ulises Arreola
Alex Sollazzo
Dave Sharpe
Tom Napolitano
Mike Cotton
DC Comics
Trade Paperback
Release Date

Stranded ten billion years in the past, Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz have to find a way back home, and along the way team up with the first seven Green Lanterns. What happens when two of the newest Green Lanterns added to the Corps have to train the first Green Lanterns ever? Here is where Sam Humphries excels in writing fun characters who have a believable reliance and relationship with each other. It was quite a nice touch to have the last issue primarily dedicated to Jessica and Simon back on Earth dealing with real issues in Simon’s family. It’s whole scenes such as this that make their relationship believable.

Given that the Guardians of the Universe have near-immortality, their long lives can be easily mined for stories from the past. While there has been a focus on the First Lantern in recent storylines, there hasn’t been a lot written about the beginning of the Corps.

The bit we received in this trade was nice, but left me wanting more. I’d like to see how the Corps started and build out from there to get to the point that we are more familiar with. The time we had with the first seven Green Lanterns was too short.



As with the prior trade, this volume had a wide array of artists working on different issues. I felt that any of them could easily have had a dedicated story arc to work on, and perhaps that may be the plan moving forward. It isn’t a distraction that pulls you completely out of reading the trade, but it’s enough of a distraction that you notice, and sometimes that is all the distraction needed to pull you out of the narrative. Regardless, this volume was still a fun read and sets up some interesting things concerning Simon and the status of his ring.


Green Lanterns Vol. 5: Out of Time (Rebirth)

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