Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #6 - Review

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Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #6 - Review

Mon, 06/24/2019 - 00:24
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Creative Team
Tom Taylor
Juan Cabal
Nolan Woodard
Federico Blee
VC’s Travis Lanham
Nick Lowe
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Two questions often come up: “What comic can I pick up and just read without knowing anything else?” and “It’s just a comic book, what can it really offer of value?” his issue by Tom Taylor is great selection to give to someone the next time those questions pop up.

Spider-Man gains a new ally in Spider-Bite. Spider-Bite, a child sidekick, appears on the scene to help Spider-Man fight back various villains. We are not given the typical superhero/child sidekick dynamic of modern comics [see Batman and the numerous expert fighters who have worn the Robin outfit]. Tom and Juan Cabal treat us more to a childlike wish fulfillment in how Spider-Bite helps Spidey chase down and fight all the villains. **Spoiler** We learn that Spider-Bite is really a sick child. Spidey is visiting a hospital to make a kid’s wish come true, acting out scenes with other staff. There are some moments that play out that shows a bit what it would feel like if Spidey truly existed and making a hospital visit. This all helps Tom and Juan end the book with moment that is sure to cause some tears to flow.



I have never see Juan Cabal’s work before. His art is quite good. I appreciate the light touches on the line work throughout the issue. There aren’t very many hard lines or heavy shadowing. This style and the warm color palettes used by Nolan Woodard and Federico Blee, work very well together for this heart-warming and heartbreaking story. Since all of these artists’ work is relatively new to me, I hope I get to encounter more of their collaborative styles in other books in the future.

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