The Flash : Year One - Review

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The Flash : Year One - Review

Thu, 11/28/2019 - 17:00
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This covers the Year One events in The Flash #70 - #75

Creative Team
Joshua Williamson
Howard Porter
Steve Wands
Paul Kaminski
DC Comics
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Year One monikers generally mean something special within DC Comics. Not every character gets a Year One story and it’s an event that doesn’t come around that often. It is a way to affirm the core of a character without rebooting, to add onto that character’s mythos by building on new elements, and to act as a guidepost for the character moving into the future. Joshua Williamson and Howard Porter do a nice job in creating this moment for the Flash.

We are treated to the familiar story of how Barry Allen gains his powers/connection to the Speed Force. We are introduced to his beginning with Iris West. We are then given something new altogether: Barry, running for the first time fast enough to traverse time. He ends up in a dystopian future and meets himself. The nice part here is that we have a future Barry who validates everything that has happened in the New 52 through Rebirth while perhaps tipping his hand in foreknowledge of a pre-Flashpoint time through the questions he asks “past” Barry to determine “past” Barry’s knowledge and from where in the timeline this Barry hails. What follows is a story dealing with the Turtle, his Slow Force powers, and our Barry trying to subvert a future that seems doomed to come to fruition.



Personally, I think the team of Howard Porter and HiFi on colors works the best for Williamson’s stories. Williamson tends to go really big with what he is throwing at the Flash. He is constantly redefining what exists within his world and how the rules work, all the while remembering to have the important character moments that are needed for Barry to be Barry. As such, it’s important to have an art team that knows how to go big and how to get intimate. Those two, Porter and HiFi, have a way of creating the best panels that bring the Flash to life in the ways that Williamson’s scripts demand. All in all, this is a solid addition to the annals of Year One stories, and worth picking up.


The Flash: Year One

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