The Flash, Volume 7 : Perfect Storm - Review

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The Flash, Volume 7 : Perfect Storm - Review

Tue, 05/07/2019 - 11:52
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The 700th issue of The Flash, Grodd returns, and more. 

Creative Team
Joshua Williamson
Carmine Di Giandomencio
Carlos D'Anda
Dan Panosian
Christian Duce
Ivan Plascencia
Luis Guerrero
Steve Wands
Rebecca Taylor
DC Comics
Trade Paperback
Release Date

Barry Allen just can't get a break. After dealing with the Negative Speed Force, having it taken away, and being sent to work at Iron Heights, Barry now must deal with Gorilla Grodd and the consequences of losing his own Speed Force. Barry has to find a way to defeat Grodd with various members of the Speedster family in order to save Central City.

This volume is primarily one long arc, “Perfect Storm.” It is fairly self-contained and can be read as a standalone. We see Barry make some questionable choices since he no longer has the Speed Force and continues to doubt his own abilities without it. Barry has been torn down a bit over the last few volumes of The Flash and we begin to see him come out during those low points to become the Barry Allen/The Flash that we're accustomed to.


Within “Perfect Storm,” we primarily have Carmine Di Giandomencio on art duties. Carlos D'Anda and Dan Panosian do some fill-in work for a couple issues in the arc. For the most part, this all flows adequately. Personally, I think Ivan Plascencia colors save a lot of these pages. Art is always subjective and I have come to feel that I am not the biggest fan of Giandomencio pencils. On this book, the pencils always look so rough to me. This wasn't always the case. I feel like Giandomencio pencils were so much cleaner when the Rebirth era of The Flash started back in Volume 1. Now compare what we see here in “Perfect Storm” to the art of Christian Duce, who has an issue in the very end of the volume. The emotion that Duce is able to convey just feels like next-level kinds of stuff. I just find that reading experience so much more enjoyable and I come away wishing Duce was the lead artist.


The Flash, Volume 7 : Perfect Storm

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