Flash Forward #1-3 - Review

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Flash Forward #1-3 - Review

Fri, 01/24/2020 - 00:08
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The redemption of Wally West begins 

Creative Team
Scott Lobdell
Brett Booth
Luis Guerrero
ALW's Troy Peteri
Norm Rapmund
Paul Kaminski
DC Comics
Single Issue
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Coming off the end of Heroes in Crisis, Wally West is serving time in prison for the accidental death of multiple heroes at the secret facility, Sanctuary. He is enlisted by Tempus Fuginaut, a newly created cosmic character whose main duty appears to watch over the multiverse and ensure it continues to function appropriately. At the beginning of this title, we are told something is happening that is causing more Dark Multiverses to rise and not dissipate. Thus, Wally is forced to help Tempus figure out what is going on and save the Multiverse, as Tempus needs, and as we learn, the fastest being in all of the Multiverse.

Over these first three issues of the six-issue limited series, we spend most of the time with Wally relearning what it means to be a hero and dealing with some of the trauma fallout from HiC. Even though we get to see Wally interact with a variety of Multiverse characters like Val-Zod aka President Superman, a world filled with Marvel characters analogs, and a world of vampiric Justice League members, this has so far been a character study on Wally. It works pretty well, as it is written by prolific DC Comics writer Scott Lobdell.

Lobdell is assisted by long-time collaborator Brett Booth on pencils. These two have worked on so many projects together, it is hard to think of one without the other. The result is a book that reads very well in terms of flow, panel layout, and where they choose their moments to showcase surprises.



While this is halfway completed, I am not 100% sure about where it is going outside of building up Wally in order to help redeem him within his own eyes. Clearly, this series is meant to set up Wally for something much, much, larger coming down the pike for DC Comics. We haven’t quite gotten the idea of what the existential threat truly is or how Wally will tackle it. I am anticipating a huge ramp-up in the gravity of the situation coming into the next issue (#4). Regardless, I look forward to where Wally ends up at the end of this journey.

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