The Flash

Flash Forward #1-3 - Review

Coming off the end of Heroes in Crisis, Wally West is serving time in prison for the accidental death of multiple heroes at the secret facility, Sanctuary. He is enlisted by Tempus Fuginaut, a newly created cosmic character whose main duty appears to watch over the multiverse and ensure it continues to function appropriately. At the beginning of this title, we are told something is happening that is causing more Dark Multiverses to rise and not dissipate.

The Flash : Year One - Review

Year One monikers generally mean something special within DC Comics. Not every character gets a Year One story and it’s an event that doesn’t come around that often. It is a way to affirm the core of a character without rebooting, to add onto that character’s mythos by building on new elements, and to act as a guidepost for the character moving into the future. Joshua Williamson and Howard Porter do a nice job in creating this moment for the Flash.

The Flash, Volume 6 : Cold Day in Hell - Review

“Cold Day in Hell” opens with Meena from last volume's cliffhanger. Barry and Kid Flash, Wallace West, work with Meena to help Barry handle the Negative Speed Force. Barry is still getting adjusted to his new detail at Iron Heights and has to handle a whodunit murder case at the prison. Meanwhile, pre-The New 52 Wally West Flash is still trying to come to grips with his existence in the current reality of the DC Universe.
Williamson has Barry on a journey, the destination unknown.
The Flash, Volume 5 : Negative - Review kevin Thu, 03/28/2019 - 11:20

Infused with the Negative Speed Force, we find Barry Allen no longer quite the optimistic person we have known. His outlook is a bit darker, he experiences unexpected side effects from the Negative Speed force, and his body takes a harder toll, setting up a fall from grace when Barry gets a reassignment. I like what Williamson does in trying to grow the Flash title. He's not afraid to push the character into places that we normally would not expect to see with Barry. Some people may like that, some may not. Change is always hard. Overall, Williamson is good with plot.

Batman / The Flash - The Price - Review kevin Wed, 03/13/2019 - 23:24

"The Price" is the second go-round for Joshua Williamson to write both Batman and the Flash in a mini crossover, following up on the important and well-received "The Button." The quality that DC is bringing with the creative teams on these mini crossovers has me yearning for a mini/maxi or ongoing series featuring both Batman and the Flash spearheaded by Williamson. Guillem March is handling the art on Batman and Rafa Sandoval is handling The Flash. While both artists' works are fantastic in their own right, having two different artists for a continuous story can be jarring.