Far Sector #1- Review

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Far Sector #1- Review

Tue, 12/03/2019 - 17:00
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A fantastic debut

Creative Team
N.K. Jemisin
Jamal Campbell
Jamal Campbell
Deron Bennett
Andy Khouri
Jamie S. Rich
DC Comics
Young Animal
Single Issue
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N.K. Jemisin sets up a compelling story right away by introducing a new character, Green Lantern Sojourner Mullein, in a sector of space that is the farthest away from anything we have ever seen. On page one, Jemisin dumps us immediately into a murder mystery in a world that hasn’t had a murder in over 500 years. This results in a solid issue that does a lot to world build and sucks the reader in without wasting pages on an origin story. At some point, I can imagine we will learn more about how Mullein became a Lantern. We are teased with one little nugget: she is presented with the ring by an unknown person with the caveat that she only has one year to be Green Lantern and accomplish everything she might want to.

The worlds Campbell is creating in short order with Jemisin are impressive. Jamal Campbell is a tour de force in both pencils and colors. The quality and detail of the work is jaw-dropping. There is a quality to his color palette that can I can best describe as a dying light that permeates the panels.



Deron Bennett’s lettering is fabulous. Bennett’s narration boxes are well stylized by using semi-transparent boxes, making sure that the art isn’t obscured., for the most part, follow a stepwise pattern, moving down the panel from left to right in 45-degree angles. Additionally, Bennett takes care to use different kinds of word balloons and fonts for different species. That combination and attention to detail is rare in most books.

Far Sector is solicited as a 12-issue series. If you are looking for high-quality comics with no burden of continuity and a defined end to a story, Far Sector is for you. I highly recommend jumping on this one and I anxiously await the next issue.

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