DCeased : A Good Day to Die #1 - Review

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DCeased : A Good Day to Die #1 - Review

Wed, 09/25/2019 - 09:00
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Tom Taylor
Laura Braga
Darick Robertson
Rain Beredo
Saida Temofonte
Richard Friend
Trevor Scott
Darick Robertson
Ben Abernathy
DC Comics
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The biggest strength of this issue is that it stands on its own. That is a hard accomplishment for any one-shot that is related to a mini-series or event book. There is just enough detail supplied to tell you what is going on ( information learned more extensively from the main series ) without feeling left in the dark or having a “wtf is going on” reaction. My critique would the ending, which is by design not a solid, closed conclusion. It is meant to bridge back into the main title to finish out the adventure.

Mr. Terrific, Big Barda, Mr. Miracle, Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, and John Constantine. Great change of pace from the main story. Naturally, whenever Blue Beetle and Booster Gold are involved, comedy is going to ensue. This adds a much different flavor while still complementing the sense of apocalyptic dread. Yet, the big question while reading the book is, “How many more heroes die?”



I need to commend editorial for not only keeping Rain Beredo on colors for this one-shot, but also for only having Rain on colors. This issue has two pencillers and technically three inkers. With that many people on the book, the look and feel could easily devolve into a mess. Having Rain on every issue helps tie everyone’s styles together and makes it feel perfectly in line with the main series.

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