DCeased #6 - Review

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DCeased #6 - Review

Mon, 11/18/2019 - 10:32
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End of the World 

Creative Team
Tom Taylor
Trevor Hairsine
Neil Edwards
Rain Beredo
Saida Temofonte
Stefano Gaudiano
Ben Abernathy
Ben Abernathy
Single Issue
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Superman has been turned into a zombie by the Anti-Life Equation at the end of the last issue and this final issue deals with the decimation that an unleashed Superman brings to the world.

In a series full of big moments and utter hopelessness, Tom Taylor and Trevor Hairsine manage to find a way to make things bigger and even more hopeless. What an achievement in storytelling to find a way to lose massively and yet have the smallest of wins for the heroes.

In the art department, Hairsine gets a little help from Neil Edwards. Looking at the credited pages, it can be hard to distinguish where Hairsine ends and where Edwards begins. This is a compliment not only to Edwards for being able to match Hairsine’s style but also to Rain Beredo’s colors. Beredo’s colors help blend both artists together seamlessly, working with a color palette that equally balances desperate grays, grimy reds, and brilliant lighting effects.



Even in the most dire of circumstances, there are moments of levity. All of the major beatpoints that are delivered in this issue work because they earned that reaction from the audience [ be it the chuckle, the “oh shit” page turn reveal, the “oh my god” double splash page ]. None of those moments that happen are employed cheaply just to throw into the comic. Consistently, Taylor and Hairsine are on point, pacing out the issue appropriately and build the right character moments/interactions to get you invested in the moment. All of this builds to a satisfying end for the series, albeit more dreadful than hopeful.

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