DCeased #4 - Review

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DCeased #4 - Review

Mon, 09/23/2019 - 12:00
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Nuclear Option 

Creative Team
Tom Taylor
Trevor Hairsine
Rain Beredo
Saida Temofonte
Stefano Gaudiano
Ben Abernathy
DC Comics
Single Issue
Release Date

In a six-issue mini series, issues three and four should generally act in tandem as a crescendo before making the way towards the denouement. Tom Taylor takes that idea and amps it up. Issue three was a much more introspective and Superman-focused story. Expectations are subverted coming into issue four. We are left thinking that we are going to see a lot of decision points and action by Superman. Instead we are treated to a whole other storyline heavily involving Captain Atom. Tom magnifies the action and the consequences in a way that counterbalances the smallness of the story from issue three.

Tom Taylor knows how to write really good comics. Better yet, Tom Taylor knows how to set up his collaborator Trevor Hairsine to deliver really great panels. This issue includes some really great “oh shit” moments. It is a joy to turn the page and find yourself smiling or making audible noises from what just happened unexpectedly.



Rain Beredo’s colors really stood out in this issue. After getting used to a treatment of grimy blood reds, it was very pleasant to see the color palette that Rain was playing with when Captain Atom was on the panel. The interplay of whites and blues worked out fabulously. Additionally, the color choices made for the issue’s cliffhanger works well as a juxtaposition to those grimy blood reds. The way this issue ends has me scratching my head for what to expect from the entire team leading into the penultimate issue—and that delights me. Cannot wait.

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