Clayton Cowles

Batman #59-60 - Review

With “Tyrant Wing,” we see Batman become more unhinged from the shooting of Dick Grayson. While Batman teams up with Penguin in what is sold as an alliance of mutual interests, we see it is just a ploy to string Batman along. Bane plays patsy and we watch him on an angry spree that yields nothing useful, and is in fact setting himself up for a harder downfall, as demonstrated by his actions with Gordon. Both issues end on teases/ cliffhangers, none larger than in #60, where we get the first appearance of Flashpoint Batman-Thomas Wayne, as hinted at in the end of #50.

Heroes in Crisis #6 - Review

Heroes in Crisis #6 is paced much slower than its predecessors and the prior books were slow paced as is. This is not a bad thing at all. I can see how the pacing could be a problem for some people who want more action, smashing, etc. out of a comic. Personally, I appreciate the slower pace to enjoy a comic and to not rush through and finish a book in a few minutes.