Batman : Curse of the White Knight - Book Four - Review

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Batman : Curse of the White Knight - Book Four - Review

Mon, 11/11/2019 - 00:01
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A twist on an iconic moment in Bat-history 

Creative Team
Sean Murphy
Sean Murphy
Matt Hollingsworth
AndWorld Design
Mark Doyle
DC Comics
Black Label
Single Issue
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We’re not much closer to learning about Joker’s plot or more about the intricacies of the history of the Waynes and the Order of St. Dumas. This is perfectly fine, as Sean Murphy deals with the fallout from the last issue. We get shock, sadness, the need for retribution, and some splintering of the Bat family. Additionally, we get more collateral damage due to the failings of Bruce and the decisions he makes. Be prepared to start off with some sadness to start this issue, and shock to end it. Sean Murphy knows how to keep you ready for more with each issue’s escalating cliffhanger.

Matt Hollingsworth’s colors in this issue are quite superb. The various hues of purple, red, and black work so well with each other. Particularly in the beginning of the issue, the color choices he makes draw you into the flashbacks and help differentiate the scenes even more from the present. We get plenty of angry Batman throughout the years from various artists; Sean Murphy is doing something a bit different. I think he has perfected a look of anguish on Batman that is consistent, particularly how he captures Bruce’s eyes, that’s something we’ve not really seen before.



Since we have now crossed the threshold of the series being 50% complete, it is going to be very interesting to see where the series goes in the next couple of issues. The stakes have been extremely high from the outset and major losses have occurred. It is hard to think about what else could happen or what more could be lost to Batman in the process. This is a great position to be in. I am in genuine surprise when I read each issue without being able to telegraph where most of the story is going. Thus, Curse of the White Knight is always at the top of my ‘to read’ stack. Cannot wait for the next issue.

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