Barnaby Bagenda

Green Lanterns, Vol. 7: Superhuman Trafficking - Review

Tim Seeley’s second trade for Green Lanterns is a quick read. This trade consists of four issues and an annual written by Andy Diggle. While it is quick, Seeley does a nice job tackling issues efficiently. The title of the trade tips its hand on some of the issues covered. What is interesting is the dovetail that Seeley writes that intersects the human trafficking with religious zealotry: superheroes kidnapped and enslaved to do work to benefit a religious cult.

High Level #6 - Review

Seemingly, this is the end for High Level as it “completes” its series. This isn’t quite a review but more of a personal commentary of what I think transpired in this title. The story wraps and ends with an opening to continue, as indicated by the designation “End Book One.” All told, this was not a very satisfying end to this series.

High Level #2-5 - Review

There is so much potential to the world of High Level. I feel like this was pitched as one of the new tent-pole Vertigo titles that would last five years and hit that 60 issue mark. With the dissolution of the Vertigo imprint, it feels like we are not going to get that run and it’s all going to be wrapped up in a much faster manner.