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Superman Smashes the Klan #2 - Review

When last we left Superman and Roberta Lee, they were on their way to rescue her brother from certain doom at the hands of the Klan of the Fiery Cross. While that is the hook that starts this book off, the focus lands squarely on the issue of duality and what it means to be torn in different directions. We see Superman struggle with the very notion that he is an alien and, at this moment in his career, his unknown heritage. Roberta Lee is trying to fit in with other kids to make friends, at the cost of being her more authentic self.

Aquaman #43-47 - Review

Kelly Sue DeConnick marks her return to DC Comics with the start of her run on Aquaman. She is accompanied by the art team of Robson Rocha on pencils, Daniel Henriques on inks, and Sunny Cho on colors. Her run begins after the events of Justice League: Drowned Earth, where Aquaman has suffered amnesia.

Naomi #1-6 - Review kevin Thu, 02/20/2020 - 22:30

Naomi is a new character co-created by Brian Michael Bendis, David Walker, and Jamal Campbell under the Wonder Comics imprint for DC Comics. Wonder Comics is Bendis’s curated imprint. The events that happen in Wonder Comics are in continuity with the rest of the DC Universe. The tone of these books is lighter than the mainstream DCU books, but the events that happen are no less important. The titular character, Naomi, is an adopted girl who lives in a quiet Pacific Northwestern town where not much happens, until a chance moment where Superman appears briefly mid-fight with Mongul.

Alpha: Abidjan to Paris - Review

When writing these reviews, I do my best to summarize what happens within a book or an issue without giving spoilers. Sometimes, my words fail and really it is best to rely on how the book describes itself. “Alpha's wife and son left Côte d'Ivoire months ago to join his sister-in-law in Paris, but Alpha has heard nothing from them since. With a visa, Alpha's journey to reunite with his family would take a matter of hours.

Drawing Blood, Vol. 1 : Spilled Ink - Review

Drawing Blood is a Kickstarter book that is the creation of Kevin Eastman, David Avallone, and Ben Bishop. It is about Shane “Books” Bookman, the co-creator of an enormously popular comic, the Radically Rearranged Ronin Ragdolls, that went on to worldwide pop culture fame (toys, tv shows, movies, etc.). We find the creator down in the dumps, plagued by his past, up to his eyeballs in debt, and trying to save his life from Lithuanian mobsters.

Flash Forward #1-3 - Review

Coming off the end of Heroes in Crisis, Wally West is serving time in prison for the accidental death of multiple heroes at the secret facility, Sanctuary. He is enlisted by Tempus Fuginaut, a newly created cosmic character whose main duty appears to watch over the multiverse and ensure it continues to function appropriately. At the beginning of this title, we are told something is happening that is causing more Dark Multiverses to rise and not dissipate.

Dial H for Hero #7-9- Review

Dial H for Hero was initially solicited as a six-issue series. Its successful run allowed it to get an order for another six issues. The story arc for the first six was very tight and ended on solid ground that allowed for a cliffhanger at the same time. Here in the first three issues of the new arc, we pick up where that cliffhanger left off. At the end of issue #6, many citizens of Metropolis were granted powers through the H-Dial.

Collapser #4-6- Review

The back half of the series mainly works and definitely is structured to work as a three act arc between these issues. It is more cohesive as a storytelling unit than the first half. There are parts that feel a bit uneven, particularly in the last issue where Collapser has to confront his (previously believed dead) father to save the city. That felt a bit rushed, and really, it started feeling a bit rushed in issue three. The amount of story covered over the six issues in total could have benefited from having a series run of twelve issues instead.