August 2019

New Comic Book Day Pickups- 08.28.19



This week's pickups: 

  • Action Comics #1014
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #28
  • Batgirl #38
  • Batman Beyond #35
  • Batman : Curse of the White Knight - Book Two 
  • Batman / Superman #1
  • Books of Magic #11
  • Detective Comics #1010
  • Dial H for Hero #6
  • Fight Club 3 #8
  • The Flash #77
  • Justice League #30
  • Justice League Dark #14
  • Martian Manhunter #8
  • Marvel Comics #1000
  • Red Hood : Outlaw #37
  • Spider-Man : Life Story #6 - The ‘10s
  • Superman #14
  • Super Fun Sexy Times 
  • The Terrifics #19
  • Wonder Woman #77


Collapser #1 - Review kevin Tue, 08/27/2019 - 01:53

Collapser is a new outing from the Young Animal imprint spearheaded by Gerard Way. This new title comes from Gerad’s brother, Mikey Way, and collaborator Shaun Simon. We are introduced to Liam James, who spends his days as a caregiver at a nursing home, and his evenings as an aspiring DJ. At the beginning of the story, Liam receives a package, presumably from space, containing something that we don’t quite precisely know. What we do know over the course of the story is that a thing was bonded to his mother, who he hasn’t seen in many years.

Second Coming #1 - Review

What if God, Jesus, and Superman were real? What if God is just the angry Old Testament dude, Jesus is the nice, caring New Testament dude, and what if God really is disappointed in his son for being too wishy-washy and nice? That’s the basic premise for Second Coming. After Jesus died, God was so upset with him that he prevents him from going back to Earth when he was supposed to. In the meantime, thousands of years later, Sunstar [ stand in for Superman, since Superman cannot explicitly be used ] arrives on the scene. God sees how people are admiring and worshipping Sunstar.