July 2019

Dial H for Hero #2-4 - Review

Sam Humphries doesn’t waste any time with how this story is paced. We get a good escalation of tension over these issues as we learn more about the The Thunderbolt Club and get background on The Operator and the main antagonist, Mr. Thunder. I am very interested in the idea of The Thunderbolt Club, people who have all wielded the H-Dial previously and now desperately want to use it again. Anyone that Miguel encounters could be a Thunderbolt Club member.  

High Level #2-5 - Review

There is so much potential to the world of High Level. I feel like this was pitched as one of the new tent-pole Vertigo titles that would last five years and hit that 60 issue mark. With the dissolution of the Vertigo imprint, it feels like we are not going to get that run and it’s all going to be wrapped up in a much faster manner.

Batman : Last Knight on Earth - Book One - Review

We find Bruce waking up in Arkham Asylum, finding out that he never has been Batman, that he is still very young, and yet he knows that all that doesn’t feel right. We find out that Bruce is in a future where everything has been devastated and he failed. There are interesting revelations on how the end came about, the collateral damage done, and ultimately the path that Bruce decided to embark upon. 

New Comic Book Day Pickups- 07.10.19



This week's pickups: 

  • The Amazing Spider-Man #25
  • Batman #74
  • Batman and the Outsiders #3
  • Beneath the Dark Crystal #11
  • Black Hammer / Justice League #1
  • Catwoman #13
  • Detective Comics #1007
  • Event Leviathan #2
  • The Flash #74
  • Hawkman #14
  • House of Whispers #11
  • Justice League Odyssey #11
  • Morning in America #5
  • Naomi #6
  • Red Hood: Outlaw #36
  • Second Coming #1
  • Supergirl #32
  • Superman #13
  • Wonder Twins #6
  • Wonder Woman #74
  • Young Justice #7