April 2019

The Wicked + The Divine, Vol. 7 : Mothering Invention - Review

The Wicked + The Divine is at times an exercise in madness. Not the bad kind, and not necessarily the good kind. Just madness. Whenever I read a volume of WicDiv, I walk away with a sense of, “What the hell just happened?” combined with a sense of, “Wow, that was gorgeous to look at and I know this is going somewhere and I am here for the ride.”

Heroes in Crisis #7 - Review

Entering into the final act of Heroes in Crisis, we are no closer to knowing who committed the murders at Sanctuary than we were issues ago. The mystery thickens a bit when we learn that Wally West is involved in something with Poison Ivy. We are still left not knowing all the victims of Sanctuary and whether Wally West is actually alive or dead. With most of DC's "Crises," a speedster usually dies and the rupture of space/time is involved. What we do get out of this issue is a bit of coalescence. Harley Quinn and Booster Gold duke it out until they come to an understanding.

The Flash, Volume 6 : Cold Day in Hell - Review kevin Tue, 04/16/2019 - 12:05
“Cold Day in Hell” opens with Meena from last volume's cliffhanger. Barry and Kid Flash, Wallace West, work with Meena to help Barry handle the Negative Speed Force. Barry is still getting adjusted to his new detail at Iron Heights and has to handle a whodunit murder case at the prison. Meanwhile, pre-The New 52 Wally West Flash is still trying to come to grips with his existence in the current reality of the DC Universe.
Williamson has Barry on a journey, the destination unknown.


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Spider-Man : Life Story - The ‘60s #1 - Review

Spider-Man: Life Story is a limited series that will take a look at Spider-Man throughout the decades the character has been around, planting Spider-Man stories square into the big topics of each time. This first chapter takes place in the thick of the 1960s and the Vietnam War. Spider-Man is confronted on what it means to be a hero: does it mean that he has to serve abroad in the war? Unsure of what he should do, Spider-Man listens to his peers, Flash Thompson and Captain America, on the right course of action.