Adventures of the Super Sons #4-5 - Review

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Adventures of the Super Sons #4-5 - Review

Mon, 02/04/2019 - 23:01
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Lost Boys / Deus Ex Machina

Creative Team
Peter J. Tomasi
Carlo Barberi
Rob Leigh
Matt Santorelli
Paul Kaminski
DC Comics
Single Issue
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Issue #4 feels like a setup for issue #5. There are some good moments in issue #4 that Tomasi scripts out to help bond Damien and Jon. Damien feels a lot less antagonistic towards Jon, which feels natural. Their relationship has been evolving from the time that they have spent with each other in their first title, Super Sons, up to the moments in issue #4 with Damien having to care for two Jon Kents [Red/Blue]. I had a moment of excitement seeing a cameo of either the House of Secrets or the House of Mysteries. This isn't something that I think that everyone would get upon a first glance at the appearance of the house (only those who are well-versed in DC lore). Even though it turns out in issue #5 it is not a true House, it was fun to see faux Cain and Abel minding this particular House.

Issue #5 is where things really shine. Seeing Damien and Jon begin to grapple with ideas of what getting old means, with their future selves reinforcing that they can still be who they are even when older, was quite touching.



Photobunker seems to be having a good time with the colors used throughout the series. The choices made really pop and give a fun energy that matches the tone set with the writing and the pencils by Barberi. One thing I noticed was a slight change in the brightness of the colors between the two issues. In the lead-up issues, including issue #4, the tone feels lighter and thus, the colors are brighter. The subject matter of issue #5 feels a bit heavier with the brightness a bit subdued. I am not sure if that is an intentional choice or something that was happenstance in this particular issue when it went to print. If it was intentional, I commend Barberi for the slight adjustment. It's something that you have to look for and absolutely affects the mood when reading the issue.

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