Dial H for Hero #7-9- Review

Dial H for Hero was initially solicited as a six-issue series. Its successful run allowed it to get an order for another six issues. The story arc for the first six was very tight and ended on solid ground that allowed for a cliffhanger at the same time. Here in the first three issues of the new arc, we pick up where that cliffhanger left off. At the end of issue #6, many citizens of Metropolis were granted powers through the H-Dial.

Collapser #4-6- Review

The back half of the series mainly works and definitely is structured to work as a three act arc between these issues. It is more cohesive as a storytelling unit than the first half. There are parts that feel a bit uneven, particularly in the last issue where Collapser has to confront his (previously believed dead) father to save the city. That felt a bit rushed, and really, it started feeling a bit rushed in issue three. The amount of story covered over the six issues in total could have benefited from having a series run of twelve issues instead.