Naomi #1-6 - Review

Naomi is a new character co-created by Brian Michael Bendis, David Walker, and Jamal Campbell under the Wonder Comics imprint for DC Comics. Wonder Comics is Bendis’s curated imprint. The events that happen in Wonder Comics are in continuity with the rest of the DC Universe. The tone of these books is lighter than the mainstream DCU books, but the events that happen are no less important. The titular character, Naomi, is an adopted girl who lives in a quiet Pacific Northwestern town where not much happens, until a chance moment where Superman appears briefly mid-fight with Mongul.

New Comic Book Day Pickups- 02.19.20



This week's pickups: 

  • Aquaman #57
  • Batman #89
  • DCeased : Unkillables #1
  • Flash Forward #6
  • Ghost-Spider #7
  • Joker: Killer Smile Book Three
  • Justice League #41
  • Legion of Super-Heroes #4
  • Lucifer #17
  • Nightwing #69
  • Omni #5
  • Superman Smashes The Klan #4
  • Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #8
  • Teen Titans #39
  • Undiscovered Country #4
  • Wonder Twins #12
  • Wonder Woman 100-Page Giant #3
  • Wonder Woman: Dead Earth Book Two


Green Lanterns, Vol. 7: Superhuman Trafficking - Review

Tim Seeley’s second trade for Green Lanterns is a quick read. This trade consists of four issues and an annual written by Andy Diggle. While it is quick, Seeley does a nice job tackling issues efficiently. The title of the trade tips its hand on some of the issues covered. What is interesting is the dovetail that Seeley writes that intersects the human trafficking with religious zealotry: superheroes kidnapped and enslaved to do work to benefit a religious cult.

Green Lanterns, Vol. 6: A World of Our Own - Review

Tim Seeley comes aboard as the new writer of Green Lanterns, taking over from Sam Humphries. Humphries launched the title and created a great foundation to build on. Seeley doesn’t waste any time and accomplishes quite a bit in this first trade. First and foremost, the relationship between Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz doesn’t skip a beat. It feels like Seeley has a good handle on how these two characters work individually and he understands the dynamic between them. This allows a wide range of subject matter to be covered in this trade.